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Project management from start to finish

Managing communications projects from start to finish is our speciality. We will coordinate the different parts of the job and save you time, money and worry.

Just give us the brief and we will do the rest.

Writing, editing and proofreading

We write in a variety of styles and adjust the tone to match your audience. We can edit your material, providing a quick copy-edit, a technical edit or a major re-write.

Get well written, high quality prose.

Design, multilingual layout and graphics

Strong design engages readers and so we spend time to get this right. We specialize in multilingual layouts. We also create informative graphics and find relevant images.

We make your words look good – in print and digital.

Annual Report editorial support

We help a number of our clients with their annual reports. We can write, edit, design, layout, create graphics and proofread, for both digital and hard-copy formats.

Let us help you deliver your annual report.

Contract Magazine Publishing

Let us manage the production of your membership journal, customer magazine or staff publication. We can write, edit, design, and produce digital and hard-copy publications.

We can produce your magazines for you.

Multilingual technical translation

Our translators are fully qualified, native speakers who know our subject areas well. We regularly translate into and from all the official UN languages and others.

We deliver complex multi-language projects.

Rapid response and rush jobs

Sometimes even the best-run organizations need to get things done in a hurry. We have the capacity, resources and experience to turn projects around quickly.

Whatever the job, we can get it done fast.

Infographics and data analysis

If a picture can tell a thousand words then infographics can present complex information clearly. We analyse your data and find simple, visual ways of presenting it.

Enhance your story with infographics.

Multimedia and digital services

Modern communications is a multimedia affair and we operate across all digital media and print formats. We adapt your content and tailor it to the particular medium.

We make your messages work across all media.

Digital: design, build and content

Not only can we design and build you a digital platform but we can create the content for it too. We have in-house digital capabilities and we work with expert technology partners.

We deliver the technology and the content.



Or call us: +44 (0) 20 8798 0817

And ask for Leon Clifford


“I was very impressed with the job Green Ink did on translating the policy brief, given the rather technical nature of the product.”

Climate & Development Knowledge Network, Mairi Dupar

“It has been a pleasure working with you. You have been fantastic in responding to our needs.”

Columbia University’s International Research Institute for Climate and Society, Haresh Bhojani

“I’d really like to thank your amazing team for their flexibility and hard work, combined with exquisite kindness.”

United Nations Development Programme, Carlotta Aiello

“Thank you for your hard work… the result is fantastic!”

Global Water Partnership, Helene Komlos Grill

“Handsome design… Green Ink played a central role in building the credibility and profile of the SLP initiative. Donors became interested and the programme became known as one of the very best in the CGIAR.”

International Livestock Research Institute, CGIAR, Susan MacMillan

“Many thanks for this. It is great how the news improves due to your edits!”

Forest Stewardship Council, Susan Bernstein-Schuren

“The manuals look GREAT – really nice quality printing.”

Dupont, John Wiles

“It was wonderful to work with you on this and I am very happy and proud of the work we have accomplished.”

Global Crop Diversity Trust, Brian Lainoff

“This is fantastic! You have transformed this draft from something unpublishable to a document that reflects the level of scholarship we need in the MEAS project, and I sincerely appreciate your efforts.”

Modernizing Extension and Advisory Services, Austen Moore

“A big thank you for putting up with the craziness of getting the report out and for working with us when it seemed impossible.”

World Health Organization, Doris Chou

“Thanks for your extremely conscientious & professional work on this project. It’s hard to imagine a better collaborator!”

Independent Consultant, Doug Horton

“I just went over the report and it looks good and reads well; well done to you and your writers and thank you for pulling this off given the impossible time-lines and conditions.”

African Development Bank, Martin Fregene

“The profiles look fantastic. We are thrilled with the way they have come out. You have a great team over there.” 

World Health Organization, Reid Miller, WHO RHR Department

“Very professional service… I can trust you to get the whole job done efficiently and effectively.”

World Vegetable Center, Warwick Easdown

“I’ve been really happy with the way the website writing has gone… You’ve turned stories around so quickly and efficiently… The quality has been great.”

UN Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre, Sophie Higman

“Thank you for your dedication and commitment to supporting us to get this work done in an incredibly short turnaround… and we’re so pleased with the final product.”

Overseas Development Institute, Katie Peters

“This looks great… I’m really impressed and grateful for your work in turning these around with such expertise and in such a short time period!”

University of Greenwich, Kate Wellard Dyer

“I knew there was a reason I wanted your help with this year’s report, your editing is fantastic!”

UN Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre, Camellia Williams

“Thanks so much for the heroic meeting of the timeline. It was extremely well done and with the signature Green Ink cheerfulness and thoughtful attention.”

World Economic Forum, Lisa Dreier

“We have been very happy with the work of Green Ink. Everyone is very fast and efficient, and the work is well done and creative.”

International Water Management Institute, Joanna Kane-Potaka

“I like the people… They are professional but personable – and that makes the difference for me. On the professional side, I have always liked the clear writing and layout style of Green Ink.”

International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas, Scott Christiansen

“Wow… You guys are incredible! Thanks so much for this hard work.”

World Health Organization, Dr Stephen Nurse-Findlay, WHO RHR Department




Or call us: +44 (0) 20 8798 0817

And ask for Leon Clifford


Why choose us?

We are specialists in communication. We explain complicated subjects in a simple and easy-to-understand way. We make complex content accessible to specific target audiences. We have a particular expertise in communicating science. Our writers, editors and designers are all highly experienced communications professionals and they have in-depth knowledge of a host of scientific areas. We work with you to define your project and provide you with a dedicated project manager who will act as your single point of contact.

What do we do?

We manage communications projects. We specialize in handling scientific, technical and complex content. We advise on the best strategy for engaging with your audience. We research, write, edit, proofread and lay out content, as well as translate it into multiple languages and produce multilingual layouts. And we operate in all media from print to digital.

What are our sectors?

We have particular expertise in a number of specialist fields: agriculture, forestry and natural resources; public health, medicine and life sciences; climate and meteorology, the environment, and natural resources; as well as international development, social sciences and sustainability.

Who are our clients?

We work for clients, big and small, operating within our chosen subject areas. Our clients span the public and private sectors, and include: research institutes, businesses, UN agencies, government departments, development organizations including development banks, universities, policy-makers, charities and non-government organizations.

Who are we?

Green Ink is an established privately owned business. We were founded in 1998 and we have grown steadily ever since. We are registered as a limited company in the UK but we operate globally.

What is our ethos?

Green Ink is a socially and environmentally responsible company, that treats everyone with respect and acts ethically, honestly and legally. We support sustainable international development and human rights. We contribute to public debate by helping our clients to communicate their ideas.



Or call us: +44 (0) 20 8798 0817

And ask for Leon Clifford


Leon Clifford

Managing Director

A graduate in Physics-with-Astrophysics, Leon has worked as a magazine journalist and editor, senior media executive and management consultant.


Rebecca Mitchell

Head of Client Relations

Becky handles our quoting and tendering and provides advice to our clients. She has over 20 years of experience in all aspects of the publishing process.


Pete Christopher

Production Manager

Pete is responsible for delivering projects and ensuring clients are delighted with the results. He has worked in production for more than 30 years.


Guy Manners

Science Writer and Editor

Guy specializes in natural sciences, especially agricultural R&D and forestry, and holds a degree in Zoology. He is an Advanced Professional Member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP).


Markus MacGill

Science Writer and Editor

Markus writes about health, medicine, pharmaceuticals and life sciences. He studied Biomedical Science, has a PGCert with distinction in Science Communication and has edited many magazines and websites.


Jane Patten

Science Writer and Editor

Jane has an MPH (master of public health) in maternal and child health with a specialism in international health, and expertise in sexual and reproductive health.


Sue Parrott

Science Writer and Editor

Sue is an experienced writer in the fields of international development, sustainability and water issues. She has a degree in Environmental Science.


Jessica Money

Science Writer and Editor

Jessica has experience in writing on biological sciences, health and nature. She has an MSc in Taxonomy and Biodiversity and a graduate certificate in science writing.


Paul Philpot

Digital and Design Specialist

Paul’s specialisms include digital design, website coding, database development, as well as graphic design and layout.


Christel Chater

Graphic Designer

Christel is a qualified graphic designer, working mostly on hard-copy products. Her specialisms are illustration and logo design. She is a fluent German and English speaker.


Sam Chapman

Business Development Manager

An experienced sales professional with an extensive track-record of delivering bespoke solutions to meet clients’ objectives, Sam’s background is in the publishing and live event sectors.


Heather Broad

Finance Manager

With more than 17 years’ experience, Heather is responsible for our invoicing and for keeping Green Ink’s finances in order.


Diane Clifford


Diane has more than 20 years of experience in media having edited magazines and websites and run events. She has a degree in Graphic Design and has managed design on major magazines and websites.


Jonathan Campbell

Non-Executive Director

As our non-executive director, Jonathan brings valuable experience to Green Ink having worked in both media and IT for many years.


Simon Chater

President & Founder

As Green Ink President and Founder, Simon retains an advisory role. He holds a degree in Modern Languages.



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