Set of nine annual results reports for UNICEF

Set of nine annual results reports for UNICEF


To review, edit and provide layout-ready text for UNICEF’s nine Annual Results Reports for 2017.


The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) – with its tagline “for every child” – works across the world to protect children and their rights, and to help them fulfil their potential. Last year, UNICEF finalized work on their Strategic Plan 2014–2017, covering seven outcome sectors – child protection, education, health, HIV and AIDS, nutrition, social inclusion, and water, sanitation and hygiene – and two cross-cutting areas: humanitarian action and gender equality.


UNICEF Annual Results Report 2017Each year, UNICEF compiles nine detailed Annual Results Reports (one for each of the areas) documenting progress at the global, regional and country levels, including progress towards the achievement of its mission, goals and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In early 2018, Green Ink was selected to turn early drafts for the 2017 reports into layout-ready fully edited texts. This involved us carrying out critical review-cum-editing to identify any gaps and inconsistencies in the writing and then report back to UNICEF; then we had to copy-edit all the reports and ensure consistency across the series; and once the editing was done we worked through a programme of proofreading and final checks prior to layout – all against a tight deadline.

This was a very large project involving multiple editors working simultaneously across nine drafts, editing them to ensure consistency of style and voice, and liaising with a team within UNICEF who were providing ongoing feedback and comment. The project was also hugely time critical with all the finalised drafts required for layout ahead of a major UNICEF meeting; we had a tight window between the completion of writing work on each report by the various UNICEF teams and the date that layout work was scheduled to start. The editing task was complicated by the fact that each report was the result of input from multiple people with a variety of writing styles. We assembled a team of specialist editors including both staff members and a number of our Associates (a team of freelances who know our production processes and work with us on a regular basis). We also appointed an experienced editor as project manager to ‘own’ the work and ensure delivery.

The result was a brilliant success – as you can see here. And the project demonstrated how our business model and our internal systems enable us to provide the capacity required by clients for large fast-turnaround projects.

“Thank you very much for your team’s valuable inputs, all points are very relevant and extremely useful for us to improve our planning and next year’s production process. … It was a lengthy and complicated process, however, without your team’s quality, patient and professional work, the ARR 2017 would not [have been] accomplished to this standard. On behalf of the UNICEF editorial team, we express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to you” – Ayako Ito, Programme Specialist, Regional Director’s Office, UNICEF