United Nations report – Sustainable development

United Nations report – Sustainable development


To produce a report on creating sustainable and resilient societies for the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UN ESCAP) and the Asian Development Bank (ADB).


UN ESCAP serves as the main economic and social development centre for the United Nations in the Asia and Pacific region, providing a strategic link between global and country programmes. It supports governments and advocates regional approaches to meeting relevant socio-economic challenges. The mission of the ADB is to help its member countries reduce poverty and improve livelihoods through inclusive and environmentally sustainable economic growth and regional integration.


We did the editing, design and layout of this report.

This report takes stock of the changing nature of risk in Asia and the Pacific, and the stresses and opportunities affecting the region’s prospects for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. It quantifies the effects of natural hazards, commodity shocks and pollution alarms, and highlights the practical efforts being made by citizens, civil society, government and the private sector to build resilience. The report aims to contribute to the ongoing dialogue on pathways to achieving sustainable development.

UN ESCAP asked Green Ink to undertake a thorough substantive edit and rewrite of the draft text to improve the flow of ideas and make sure the language was clear and concise. It was important to ensure consistency of tone in the different sections, which were submitted by different authors. We also needed to reduce the length of the report without losing important information. Our writer and designer worked together to suggest ways to interpret information visually so as to make the report more engaging.

Working closely with the client, we created a design for the report and completed the layout, following up with proofreading and corrections. Final files were submitted as print-ready and electronic for web or email distribution.

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