Technical Marketing Material – Meteorology

Technical Marketing Material – Meteorology


The UK’s Meteorological Office (the Met Office) has a wealth of weather data which it has packaged into a variety of products aimed at various industry and government sectors. In 2015, the Met Office asked Green Ink to produce a brochure describing its various data products to aid in its efforts in marketing and selling this data to industrial clients.

The Met Office’s data products marketing brochure.


The Met Office is the UK’s state-owned weather service which has been at the forefront of global weather and climate science for more than 150 years. In addition to providing a wide range of weather forecasts and warnings, the Met Office also carries out research, including on climate science, and provides a range of products and services. The Met Office provides core weather data for a range of different purposes, from freely available public weather data to data tailored for specific industry sectors. Weather data can help businesses plan major projects, helping reduce risks and increase the efficiency of the task whether it be on land or at sea. The Met Office is located in Exeter, UK.


Green Ink provided the writing, design, layout and proofreading for this 12-page brochure, entitled ‘Choose Met Office data’. The brochure discusses the expertise, capacity and facilities at the Met Office and the range of data types and related services it can provide to customers, including around-the-clock customer support for expert users. As it says in the brochure, “Our ambition is to continually improve the accuracy of our forecasts and encourage the greater reuse of our weather data around the world, to help people mitigate against extreme weather and support global economic growth.”

Green Ink has also written for and edited several of the Met Office’s annual reports as well as other materials.

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