Report Writing – Natural Resources

Report Writing – Natural Resources


Writing, editing, design and layout services for various reports including: GWP in action 2016, the Handbook of drought indicators and indices and a report entitled Metaguidelines for water and climate change. We also undertook a detailed review and analysis of the client’s website and online toolkit, giving advice on how to make it more effective.


The Global Water Partnership (GWP) is a multi-stakeholder partnership that supports communities and countries to improve the way they manage water. Put simply, it is about bringing water users together (this includes everyone) to solve water problems.


We wrote content for the GWP Annual Report.

The aim of the GWP in action 2016 report is to showcase the achievements of the GWP network. For this (GWP’s most recent) annual report, we wrote several feature-length articles and a range of short, snappy stories to illustrate the achievements of network partners during the past year. We also updated the design of the report.

This assignment was just one of many we have completed during the long-established relationship between GWP and Green Ink, which has spanned more than 15 years. During this time, we have attended conferences and meetings, interviewed many different stakeholders, and written about a wide range of water-related topics.

We did the editing, design and layout for this GWP report.

One project involved the editing, design, layout and proofreading of a report that reviewed drought indicators and indices. The goal of the Handbook of drought indicators and indices was to help improve drought monitoring, early warning and information collection, and so support drought management policies and preparedness plans.

We provided editing, design and layout for this report.

Another important project for GWP was the Metaguidelines for water and climate change. This was aimed at using the growing body of literature on water resources and climate change adaptation to produce guidelines for policy development and planning based on five key principles that are set out in the document. We provided editing, design and layout services.

Our professionalism has met with appreciation from GWP: “Thank you to you and all your colleagues for your hard work on the PAWD [Partnership for Africa Water Development] project. As you can see, the result is fantastic!” said Helene Komlos Grill, Communications Officer. “Many thanks for your great work on this publication. We are all very pleased how it turned out, from editing, design and layout,” commented Monika Ericson, Senior Communications Officer, about the Handbook of drought indicators and indices.

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