Literature Review – Health

Literature Review – Health


To undertake a literature review and synthesize existing, relevant evidence to help identify the relationship between mandatory First Aid education and the learner’s subsequent behaviour when a first aid emergency arises.


The British Red Cross is part of a global voluntary network that responds to conflicts, natural disasters and individual emergencies. It is one of the leading providers of First Aid education, offering a broad range of first aid courses to the general public and workplaces throughout the UK.


The British Red Cross believes that mandatory First Aid education within schools or as part of a driving test would help to save lives by improving the frequency with which it is administered during an emergency. However, effective advocacy requires a firm evidence base. To build this evidence base and to learn from the experience of others, the Red Cross asked Green Ink to conduct a literature review of national and international studies that examine the relationship between mandatory First Aid education and subsequent behaviour.

We examined the studies provided for suitability and relevance, and then conducted an external literature search, offering a systematic explanation of the search strategy employed and providing evidence on several pertinent questions. We presented the results in a concise but detailed report, which included a full bibliography of the resources consulted.

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