Editing, Design and Branding – Climate

Editing, Design and Branding – Climate


To work closely with LEDS GP’s global communications team to develop the partnership’s branding and help its devolved platforms and working groups to publish a wide range of resources in support of sharing knowledge about climate-resilient growth.


One of the many ‘LEDS in Practice’ documents we helped to produce.

The Low Emission Development Strategies Global Partnership (LEDS GP) is a unique worldwide network of development professionals and institutions dedicated to low-emission, climate-resilient development. The partnership focuses on providing support to developing countries and regions. It engages leaders from over 300 institutions, including national and subnational governments, international agencies and NGOs. LEDS GP operates through four regional platforms and six cross-cutting technical working groups, coordinated by a global secretariat.


Green Ink has been working with the LEDS GP communications team to develop clear and distinctive branding and a house style to help unite the outputs of the partnership.

We provided editing, design and layout support to this ‘LEDS in Practice’ briefing on the importance of gender equality as well as many other documents.

We assisted with a variety of media, including promotional materials and webinar presentations, and liaised directly with many authors among LEDS GP’s regional platforms and technical working groups to edit and design succinct and effective publications in the ‘LEDS in Practice’ series, as well as more in-depth research papers.

The ‘LEDS in Practice’ series aims to provide briefings on relevant topics with information that is made digestible through strong editing and clever design.

We provided editing, design and layout for the LEDS Resource Guide For NDC Finance.

We also helped produce the ‘LEDS Resource Guide For NDC Finance‘ by providing editing, design and layout services.

This important report provides a curated selection of resources on a range of topics around finance for Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and low emission development strategies (LEDS).

It is designed to help NDC and LEDS practitioners find high-quality resources that meet their specific needs, avoiding time-consuming web searching. It is also useful to individuals working on, or interested in, NDC and LEDS finance in both developed and developing countries.

We set out to design an easy-to-use document with well-written English language text that is accessible to an international audience.

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