Islamic Development Bank Success Stories – Development

Islamic Development Bank Success Stories – Development


Production of a series of ‘Success Stories’ demonstrating their successful implementation of development projects in the field; the aim being to share knowledge on how these projects achieved their goals.


The Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) is an international financial institution that aims to foster economic development and social progress among member countries in accordance with the principles of Islamic Law. IsDB funds various programmes in the fields of agricultural and rural development, water, education, health, transport, renewable energy and disaster relief.


We have been working with IsDB since 2013, when we were asked to engage with them in an initiative to develop and document ‘Success Story’ briefs and various related materials covering a variety of IsDB-funded development projects in multiple countries.

One of our series of ‘Success Stories’ reports for IsDB.

The purpose of these is to help IsDB to promote the positive work that it does in the development arena to its key constituencies, including third-party funding and donor partners. The idea was to create greater visibility and awareness through highlighting the major achievements and successes of these projects and to document the lessons learnt.

Since then, Green Ink writers have visited around 20 countries in Africa, Asia and Europe to research these success stories. We interviewed scientists, government representatives and project beneficiaries, took high-quality photographs and wrote up the individual stories. Based on feedback from IsDB, we then edited the text and laid it out to visually impactful designs. We also arranged printing and delivery to various IsDB offices around the world, and provided digital versions for online publication. And we achieved all of this within tight time frames. The continuing nature of this relationship testifies to the high quality of our work and our efficient client liaison.

Here is what IsDB’s Riad Ragueb said about some of our previous work for IsDB on an advocacy brochure about avoidable blindness: “I will only use one adjective to qualify the final product ‘SUPERB’. I would like to thank your team for this excellent work.”

If you would like us to get involved with publicizing your project successes, please get in touch!