Knowledge Sharing – Agriculture

Knowledge Sharing – Agriculture


Help one of our long-term clients to share knowledge on the innovative ‘push-pull’ approach to farming aimed at ending hunger and poverty in sub-Saharan Africa.

This required the research and production of a series of reports explaining the underlying science and its application.

It involved field visits to multiple countries, interviews with many people and on-site photography, plus the writing, editing, design and layout of a range of publications.


The International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (icipe) aims to help alleviate poverty, ensure food security and improve the overall health of people living in the tropics by developing and extending insect management tools and strategies, while preserving the natural resource base. ‘Push-pull’ is a novel farming system developed by icipe scientists. It addresses some of the main constraints to cereal production in smallholder mixed farming systems in sub-Saharan Africa.


Over the past ten years, Green Ink has been closely involved with icipe, helping to raise awareness of the ‘push-pull’ system and increase its adoption.

We research, wrote and edited this report as well as providing photography, design and layout.

We have been asked to work on a series of reports, brochures and a website focusing on different aspects of the science and its application. In the course of this work, Green Ink writers have visited Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, interviewing farmers, business people, government officials and scientists to gather the story and communicate it in different formats for different audiences.

Green Ink writer Sue Parrott interviews a ‘push-pull’ farmer.

Through narrating the evolution and spread of this integrated, adaptable cropping practice that has transformed livelihoods, the reports highlight the paramount importance of strong partnerships between farmers, scientists and international development organizations. On receipt of the first publication, Christian Borgemeister, Director General of icipe, wrote: “For me this is a true example of how a technology should be promoted. The text is clear and concise, has a story, explains precisely the science behind without being too technical, and the layout of the booklet is excellent.”

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