Ecosystem services for poverty alleviation – Policy

Ecosystem services for poverty alleviation – Policy


To produce a summary for policy-makers based on the work of the Ecosystem Services for Poverty Alleviation (ESPA) programme.


ESPA is funded by the UK Department for International Development, the Economic and Social Research Council and the Natural Environment Research Council. It is hosted at the University of Edinburgh under the remit to deliver research and project management in the area of international development.


We did the editing, design and layout of this report.

In the final year of the programme, ESPA researchers decided to produce a book to synthesize their findings. This brought together the key results and insights of the previous 8 years of work on how ecosystems underpin human well-being and how wise use of natural resources can help lift vulnerable people out of poverty. Green Ink’s role was to help produce a summary document, based on the book and communicating messages specifically for policy-makers. The work comprised copy-editing, design, layout, proofreading and printing.

ESPA also asked Green Ink to produce a digital version of the messages for policy-makers, designed for online viewing and with compatibility across a range of devices (including mobile and tablet) and web browsers. The third part of the project was to design a welcome screen and associated navigation structure for a USB-based resource collection. We arranged for this resource to be provided ready loaded on USB sticks.

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