Project reports and summaries – Finance

Project reports and summaries – Finance


To produce two 50-page reports and two 2-page summaries for the Evaluation Department of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).


EBRD provides financial investment, business services and policy advocacy to promote entrepreneurship and change lives. Its goal is to foster the transition to open, market economies, while promoting innovation, growth, inclusion and transparency. The Bank’s Evaluation Department is responsible for assessing the performance of projects. Its reports aim to inform operational choices and improve outcomes over time.


EBRD’s Evaluation Department asked us to help them communicate the results of two major analyses, one on capital markets and the other on equity investments. The first step was for Green Ink writers to conduct a thorough, substantive edit of the draft text to remove any jargon or language deemed too dry or technical for the intended audience. We improved the English and general flow and ensured consistent spelling and grammar in accordance with EBRD style. After editing the long reports, we produced two summaries, liaising closely with key Evaluation Department staff to define the approach required and key messages to be communicated. We then wrote the summaries in an accessible and engaging style, suitable for the target readers. We laid out the text for the reports and the summaries, and suggested visual materials to compliment the end products. The reports and summaries were delivered both in electronic format for web distribution and as printed copies.


We did the writing, editing and layout of the reports and summaries.



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