Explaining research

If you do excellent research then you need to tell the world about it. We can help.

Great research needs to find its way to those who can use it. Well publicized, it can also raise the profile of your organization amongst academia, business, the donor community, government and the public.

The trouble is that many of the people in these audiences lack the technical expertise required to read peer-reviewed research papers and technical reports. Yet many scientists find it difficult to write about their research in a non-technical way.

We can translate your science into easy-to-understand language, without oversimplifying or distorting your findings. We have a team of expert science writers who are experienced in presenting complex scientific and technical material in a way that is accessible to non-technical readers yet retains balance and nuance. We can write a press release, ghost-write a magazine article or brief, or produce a whole book or website that explains complex technical material and ideas in an accessible style. If we feel you have a good story to tell, we can also contact key people in the popular media on your behalf and arrange meetings or a press conference if appropriate.

So, whether you wish to impart knowledge to those who can use it, promote your research activities to a target audience or raise the profile of your organization, we can help.

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