Donor communications

A strong donor communications programme is critical for securing long-term funding. We can work with you to design and implement a donor communications strategy.

If you are seeking to raise funds for a specific project or programme, you need to present a compelling story. We can help by taking your ideas and crafting them into a proposal that presents them in the strongest possible way.

Newsletters, brochures, briefs, annual reports and regular social media updates can provide you with a firm foundation on which to base your donor relationships, especially when these products are used to demonstrate impact and draw out the lessons from research. But developing these products takes valuable time you could use in other ways and requires writing and communications expertise. Let us take that burden: we can manage your donor communications programme for you.

So, whether you need a donor communications strategy, a funding proposal, a brochure distilling project impact and lessons, or management of your existing donor communications programme, we can help.

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