Corporate identities and promotional packs


Unifying the CGIAR brand


SLP folder and poster










In 2008 what used to be called the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) embarked on an ambitious reform process to simplify and streamline its operations, refocus its research and integrate its activities. Once completed, the reform process needed to be reflected in unified and consistent branding.

A team of Green Inkers worked with CGIAR communications staff to share ideas and build consensus. The outcome was a new branding toolkit and guidelines, which were ready for use in late 2012. In 2013, we participated in further consultations to examine implementation problems and look at possible solutions.



A new livestock centre


SLP folder and poster









The new West African Livestock Innovation Centre (WALIC) launches in mid-2014, replacing the 30-year-old International Trypanotolerance Centre, on whose work it builds.

As part of a broader package of work to prepare for the launch, we developed the new centre’s logo and strapline, then applied this branding across a range of collateral, including a new brochure. View the results at



Climate change adaptation in Africa


Africa, with its already harsh climate and high poverty levels, is the region that will be hardest hit by climate change. The UK’s Department for International Development (DFIF) has teamed up with Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC) to launch a programme to support the region’s efforts to adapt.

In 2009, Green Ink was invited to work on the programme’s annual report, which took the form of a portfolio containing inserts and a map. This was a team effort, involving our Canada-based science writer as well as both our designers. The attractive design and informative map of project activities have been much admired.

“Thanks Rebecca, Paul and Christel for all your fine work.”

Mary O’Neill, Communications Officer, CCAA



Repositioning livestock research


SLP folder and poster










The job of the CGIAR’s Systemwide Livestock Programme (SLP) is to add value to the CG system’s livestock-related research. This it does by linking the various centres at work on relevant topics.

The SLP needed a new identity that would draw attention to the importance of livestock for agricultural development. We came up with a ‘mood’ image of dairy animals grazing crop residues, coupling this with a simple but memorable strapline that epitomized the livestock research challenge. These elements were adapted to a range of collateral, including a promotional pack, leaflets describing individual projects, a flyer on the programme as a whole, an annual report, business cards and a poster.

“It looks really great. You people are doing a superb job.”

Salvator Fernandez-Rivera, Programme Coordinator, SLP



Making science work for rural Africa


Africa Harvest brochure and insert










Established by one of Kenya’s leading scientists in 2002, Africa Harvest is dedicated to applying biotechnology to the struggle against hunger and poverty throughout Africa.

One of the new foundation’s early needs was a portfolio to introduce itself and explain its activities. Green Ink was invited to develop a folder and five inserted fact sheets. We wrote and edited the copy, then designed and printed, all in record time to make a launch meeting held in the USA.    

“We got the materials and they are GREAT! Thank you all for an excellent job.”

Daniel Kamanga, Information Officer, Africa Harvest



Research and reality: mind the gap!


RIU brochure









Agricultural researchers have never quite shaken off the complaint that even the best of their results often remain ‘on the shelf’ – not taken up by users. The Research Into Use (RIU) programme launched by the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) aims to close the gap between research and its real-world application.

Green Ink was invited to develop the programme’s identity and promote its start-up activities. We first built a photo library that captures moments in the lives of resource users in the programme’s target regions of Africa and South Asia, then used these images to design promotional materials, including a folder, posters, a report cover and business cards. We went on to write, design, print and deliver an inaugural colour brochure to mark the programme’s official launch.

“Many thanks for Green Ink’s unstinting support to the RIU – great team.”

Benedikte Siderman-Wolter, Head of Publicity and Promotion, DFID-RIU



Promoting development-oriented research


ICRA Promotional Pack










The International Centre for development oriented Research in Agriculture (ICRA) builds capacity and encourages learning in a participatory approach to agricultural research.

In 2004, the centre invited Green Ink to develop a promotional pack to spread awareness of its activities, particularly its training course. The pack was written, designed and produced in English, drawing on case studies from Anglophone research communities. It was then adapted to create a French edition using Francophone case studies. 

“Congratulations to all on a job very well done.”

Bob Booth, Consultant, ICRA



An alliance for livestock health


galv brochure and logo








The Global Alliance for Livestock Vaccines (galv) was launched to promote investment in research on vaccines and diagnostics for tropical livestock diseases not currently funded by the private pharmaceutical sector. The first thing the alliance needed to do was develop a corporate image.

We came up with a colourful, assertive logo, designed to evoke ‘cutting edge’ research, then combined this with a handsome saturated black cover that also featured black-and-white photos. The result, applied across a suite of promotional products including an inaugural brochure and a website, looked sophisticated and exciting. 

“Terrific, a very nice job.”

Prof. Ian Maudlin, Manager, DFID-AHP