Communications evaluation


Usability analysis aids toolbox update

The Global Water Partnership’s ToolBox on integrated water resources management was launched in 2000 as a stand-alone website. In 2013 GWP asked Green Ink to help them decide how best to integrate the toolbox into their main website and how to make it more interactive and responsive to users’ needs.

To complement GWP’s quantitative survey of toolbox users, we conducted a qualitative usability analysis to identify users’ content needs and navigation preferences, then wrote up our findings in a detailed report. The redesigned ToolBox has now migrated to the main GWP website and incorporates most of our recommendations. Visit to see for yourself.

“I want to convey how impressed we are with the comprehensive and interesting report you have produced for us. The evaluation interviews gave pertinent insights to how the website can be improved, and the outline as well as the annexes made the report easy to grasp and understand.”

Helene Komlos Grill, Communications Officer, GWP



Towards a more influential Forest Day

Since 2007, the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) has organized a Forest Day, held annually just before the negotiations of the Conferences of the Parties to the United Nations Climate Change Convention (UNCCC). The idea is to raise the profile of forests and forestry in the negotiations, influencing their outcome.

In 2010, CIFOR invited Green Ink to assess the impact of Forest Day 4, held in Cancun on the eve of COP 16. We designed and implemented a survey of participants, then wrote up the results in an initial report to CIFOR.  We went on to select key respondents with potentially interesting impact stories to tell for a further in-depth interview. After this phase we wrote a synthesis report and recommendations, which fed into the design of Forest Day 5 in Durban. We were invited by CIFOR to continue this work by conducting further surveys at and after Durban. This culminated in a second report, prepared for release at Forest Day 6 in Doha, November 2012.

“We think you have done a great job. So we are interested to learn whether Green Ink would be interested in doing a second round of interviews for Forest Day 5 in Durban.”

John Colmey, Director of Communications, CIFOR