Our principles

Green Ink is a socially and environmentally responsible company. We treat everyone with respect. The business acts ethically, honestly and legally. We support sustainable international development and human rights. Green Ink contributes to public debate by helping our clients to communicate their ideas.

How we act on these principles

We have a carbon offsetting scheme with Green Care, an NGO based in Cameroon. Each year, we calculate the ‘footprint’ of our work-related travel and make a donation to Green Care. Their team of volunteers then plants trees in the ever-growing Green Ink forest, located in the Bamenda Highlands. We also provide in-kind communications support to Green Care, such as the development of their website. We have a corporate giving scheme, donating part of our profits each year to a charity. At present, this scheme supports two schemes: Farm Africa, a British registered charity that helps African farmers to increase their harvests, sell produce and protect the environment; and the Youth Building Green Program, a Kenyan NGO that aims to educate schools and communities to help them grow more food sustainably. Green Ink’s virtual business model means our team members don’t commute, reducing congestion and transport emissions. All staff minimize their use of paper and use FSC-certified or recycled paper. Green Ink has signed the Charter for Compassion.