About the company

We manage communications projects and we advise on communications strategy.

We specialize in handling scientific, technical and complex content, and in developing communications strategies designed to meet organizational objectives. We have the ability to manage large communications projects through every step of the process from research, writing, design and layout through to copy-editing and proofreading, as well as translation into multiple languages.

We can analyse and evaluate your existing communications strategy and tell you how you are performing against your own criteria. We can also help you to develop a new communications strategy to meet your wider organizational objectives.

We are a multimedia business with experience in working across all formats, from hard copy publications though to digital media including electronic publications, emails, websites and social media. And we can service clients around the world.

The Company

Green Ink is a private limited company, registered in the UK but operating globally. It was founded in 1998, took on its first staff in 2001 and has since expanded steadily.

We have a complement of core team members who are supported by an array of freelance associates. Our core team members include writers, editors, designers and project managers.

Our vision is:

To be the world’s leading communicator of science for change and development in natural resources and related fields.

Our mission is:

To contribute through communication to the knowledge base that informs sustainable development.

The full name of our company, as registered at Companies House in the UK, is "Green Ink Publishing Services Ltd" – company number 3593589. We have adopted a shorter "trading as" designation, "Green Ink". This is legally valid and can be used formally and informally, in contracts, on cheques and bank transfers, and in credits or acknowledgements. However, please do not refer to us as Green Ink Ltd, as this name belongs to another company.

Our values

These values matter to us and they drive both what we do and how we do it:

  • Compassion. This is our overarching value, guiding both what we do and how we do it. In essence, compassion is the ‘golden rule’: treat others as you would wish them to treat you. It is what we seek to practise anyway – whether or not it suits our business interests. Green Ink has signed the Charter for Compassion and encourages its clients and suppliers to do so too.
  • Empathy. We aim to have a strong focus on the needs of others, especially our clients and colleagues. We try to tune in to their needs and respond to them – both their expressed needs and the ones they are less aware of.
  • Expertise. This is the central value that matters to our clients. We are experts in science communication, enabling us to develop high-quality products and offer high-quality advice. And we specialize in natural resources, human health and related areas, so we understand the issues and topics addressed by our clients.
  • Enjoyment. We bring enjoyment to our work because it’s creative, serves good causes, and involves friendly and interesting colleagues and clients. We aim to attract and retain staff who enjoy being part of our team. We aim to give our clients an enjoyable time working with us, so that they come back for more.

Our ethos

As a company, we aim to be an excellent employer as well as environmentally and socially responsible.

Green Ink aims to be a first-rate employer, offering its team members a fair reward for their work and attractive working conditions.

We have a carbon offsetting scheme. At present the money raised through this scheme goes to Green Care, an NGO based in the highlands of northwest Cameroon.

We also have a corporate giving scheme, donating part of our profits to charity and allocating a proportion of staff time to good causes. At present this scheme supports two organizations with annual donations: FARM-Africa, a UK-registered charity working to improve the livelihoods of small-scale land users in East and Southern Africa, and the Youth Building Green Program, a Kenyan NGO that encourages school children to plant and tend trees and vegetables in urban areas.

Download our corporate social responsibility statement.

Registered office: FAO Leon Clifford, C/O Unit 7, Ball Mill, Top Business Park,
Main Road, Hallow, Worcester, Worcestershire, England, WR2 6LS, United Kingdom.